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Our Controlled Strength™ arm balance programs are uniquely designed progressive classes, that rapidly build on your strength, mobility and movement - to help you move and balance effortlessly on your hands and arms - away from the wall.

Since 2011 our Controlled Strength™ certified coaches have helped over 700 practitioners including beginners, athletes, and seasoned Ashtanga practitioners - take their practice to the next level.

Supported every step of the way, our practitioners progress from unstable arm balances to confident transitions by participating in our Controlled Strength™ programs.


Join over 100 practitioners next cycle and work at your own pace, with individual support, to progress rapidly in your arm balancing and finally nail your arm balances. Each program includes 3 small group classes a week for 8 weeks.

Our latest 8 WEEK ARM BALANCE programs

September 2019 - ENROL NOW

July 2019 - SOLD OUT

May 2019 - SOLD OUT

March 2019 - SOLD OUT

January 2019 - SOLD OUT

November 2018 - SOLD OUT

September 2018 - SOLD OUT

July 2018 - SOLD OUT

May 2018 - SOLD OUT

Our next cycle begins 23 SEPTEMBER 2019. ENROLMENTS ARE NOW OPEN.


Why the Controlled Strength™ arm balance program works

We are No-Fluff™. Our practitioners learn progressive hand and arm balance skills in structured classes.

We focus on the things we can control - beliefs and habits. You will work on intentional movements that will help you progress with arm balances with confidence.

You will learn from experienced and certified Controlled Strength™ coaches in a specifically tailored and small group environment.

The curriculum is progressive and includes strength, conditioning, movement work, arm balance skill work, and flexibility / contortion.

We are for everyone.

Our Controlled Strength™ arm balance programs have three levels, making arm balances and inversions accessible to EVERYONE.

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